Updated base of new codes to unlock Samsung by IMEI

Updated base of new codes to unlock Samsung by IMEI
On our resource produced by upgrading the NCK code for Samsung smartphones, added a lot of new IMEI in for such models:
  1. Galaxy S6
  2. Galaxy S5 
  3. Galaxy S5 Mini
  4. Galaxy A3
  5. Galaxy Note 4
  6. Galaxy Note 3
  7. Galaxy Alpha
  8. Galaxy Core Prime
  9. Galaxy S4 Mini
  10. Galaxy S4
  11. Galaxy S6 edge 
  12. S5611v
  13. Galaxy Alpha
  14. Galaxy Ace 4
  15. Galaxy A5 
  16. Galaxy S III Mini
Added support for ANY English operators (Vodafone, EE (formerly Tmobile and Orange), Virgin) unlock Samsung.
To order the unlock of the device following the link below:
Please note that to enter the unlock code with a foreign SIM card, it will ask to enter the code unlock.
Unlock the device is done once, after that you will without barriers to reset and reflash the phone.
Discuss unlock of Samsung devices you can count on our forum.

We offer 2 excellent opportunities - get the code for free and even earn

1. Earn $ 50.
You will need:
  • To contact on our email - support@imei-server.com;
  • To record video in FullHD entire process of unlocking your Samsung mobile phone and provide us with a video file. The main condition - good quality, shoot on a white background, everything should be in the center;
  • Once the file is received, and the approval of the administration, we will refund the cost code and pay the difference.
2. Get the code for free.
What to do:
  • ALWAYS! Check the list of available models to unlock. Get the free unlock code Samsung only with its absence in this list;
  • Registration on the website;
  • To create a topic on the forum;
  • In the subject specify the user name on the website, IMEI, model, country/operator, which is locked the device and its type;
  • Specify the message that appears when the device with another SIM card;
  • Take a picture of the screen or a screenshot of the request code, and a picture of the rear of the unit (under the battery), which shows the model. If the battery is not removable, then you need to take a snapshot of the information, where the model is clearly visible;
  • Cast images on any exchanger (for example, FotoLink.su), and paste the links in this thread;
  • After you create a theme, buttons of social networks. You have to make a REPOST in our groups (Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Google+, Instagram), as well as to do a REPOST of groups 4 social networks;
  • The research should provide links to REPOST.

Before placing the bid it is necessary to clarify the relevance of the proposals.

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