US Xenon Locked Policy - who is this carrier and how to unlock it?

US Xenon Locked Policy - who is this carrier and how to unlock it?

Tracking trends in unlocking, as recently as the end of September, we found the phone with a new type of lock: US Xenon Locked Policy. The first attempts to find at least some additional information about this unknown carrier were in vain - neither the official site of Xenon, nor mention of it on the Apple website. But the greater the number of "lucky" owners with devices  with Xenon-lock, the more data about the mysterious carrier got into the network. And that's what we managed to find out.


"Xenon" is not a mobile service provider in the US and unlike AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobil or Verizon, it does not have its own equipment and base stations for cellular communications. That is, it is the so-called "virtual operator" - MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), as Virgin, TracFone or Cellular. This is a new little-known carrier who just entered the market of cellular services in the US. Web site from this mobile operator  at the time when the first phones was sold, probably just start working, so online support service was not working.

 web is unavailable: site is temporarily unavailable.

As it turned out, the so-called "Xenon", in fact, not "Xenon" as it was called based on the GSX reports of the usual IMEI check:

IMEI Number: 3594720321*****
Part Description: iPhone 7 Plus
Product Version: 6.X
Initial Activation Policy ID:
Initial Activation Policy Details: US Xenon Locked Policy
Applied Activation PolicyID: 2389
Applied Activation Details:
Next Tether Policy ID: 2389
Next Tether Policy Details: US Xenon Locked Policy
First Unbrick Date:
Unlock Date:
Unbricked: false
Unlocked: false 
Information about the unlocking from Xfinity Mobile: US Xenon Locked Policy
Phones with the line Next Tether Policy Details: US Xenon Locked Policy are in fact blocked by the operator - XFINITY Mobile . To make sure that these phones are really tied to this operator, we talked with the support staff of this operator. Here's how it was:
My phone is locked. I can not use it in Europe. How to unlock this phone, what should I do?
Hi! Thank you for contacting Xfinity Mobile Support. My name is XXX and I will be happy to assist you today!
Hi, YYY! Rest assured we'll have this concern addressed today
I was at the forum, they wrote there that I need to contact you
May I ask if the phone is from Xfinity Mobile?
Can I write IMEI here?
Sure! That would be a great help.
Let me just check it out here.
Thank you I'm waiting
You're welcome.
Alright, I was able to find the phone. In order for us to unlock it, we need to pull up your account.
do I need to do something?
May I ask for your the name on the account, address, and the last 4 credit card used on the account.
We just need to pull up the account associated with the phone and I will be the one that will unlock it.
Unfortunately I do not have this data :(
Without this information, you can not help me?
I understand. We need to open up the account so that I can process the unlock for your phone.
I bought the phone on the Internet and the seller said that it was unlocked. But they lied to me.
No worries though, rest assured that once you have the account details, we will be able to fully unlock your phone so that you can use it in Europe.
Apparently they bought from you and sold to me ((
Oh, I understand. For this one YYY, I would suggest that you contact the seller and ask him/her to chat or call us so that we can have your phone unlocked.
Thank you. And if he does not answer me?
I really wanted to help you out YYY. However, we cannot open the phone settings to have it unlocked.
May I ask what website you bought your phone?
It was a private sale on ebay :(
I would suggest that in case you will not be able to contact the seller, submit a report to Ebay so that they can help you track the seller.
I'll try to contact the seller, thanks
As you can see, our assumptions were confirmed. Support with pleasure will help you in the unlocking, with absolutely free of charge, but only if you have data confirming the purchase. If there is no such data, as advised by the site employee, you should contact the seller and try to resolve the issue directly with him.
If you need a paid unlock for models with debts or in the black list, then such an unlock from XFINITY is not yet available. If someone tries to convince you otherwise, we strongly recommend that you do not take this information seriously. Service for unlocking Clean IMEI from operator XFINITY appeared on 10.01.20018 and we added this service to our price - USA Xfinity iPhone Clean [Xenon Policy]
In the process of studying this issue, we learned that most of the phones with a lock on XFINITY Mobile sold under the guise of unlocked. Interestingly, before buying, some customers called directly to Apple and asked for a second-level check, which resulted in Apple employees having to tell if the phone was locked or not. But apparently in Apple not all employees are equally responsible for their work, as many provided false information, for example, that the phone are from Verizon. Anyway - the secret of the mysterious operator "Xenon" is uncovered.
Site Contacts: xfinity point com point mobile.
For those who prefer to call, here is the phone number: +1 (888) 936-4968
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