Why unlock code for Samsung is not working?

Why unlock code for Samsung is not working?

Buying the Samsung unlock codes by IMEI, we least like to see the inscription on the screen - "not successful". But nevertheless, there are cases when the code does not work. Why this happens and what can be done in such a situation - our article will tell.

Buyers who are faced with the problem of non-working code, first of all ask themselves - can unlock codes be "wrong"?

We want to reassure you - the unlock codes are always correct.

You can apply for a code to the cellular operator, or order factory Samsung codes using different sites, but in the end you will be sure that all sources will provide you with the same information. This once again proves the fact that the correct code will be the same everywhere.

To answer the main question, which we put initially, let's figure out where these codes come from and why they are needed?

Locking to Samsung devices, like any other phones, is installed in the factory at the time of production. It is there that phones are stitched to work with Sim cards of a certain operator. The practice of blocking devices with mobile operators is very popular all over the world. It enables mobile providers to motivate their customers to use their services for a long time.

The main idea is that you buy a locked phone a little cheaper, but you can only use it with Sim cards of one operator or only in a certain region / country. The amount that the mobile operator "lost" by selling the phone cheaper will return to him due to the fact that you will pay for mobile services. Thus, blocking devices for a specific network or region helps operators to retain their customers and gives an opportunity to earn extra money.

The mobile operator can provide you with the unlock codes of the Samsung for free, but only if the contract for the use of its services has expired and you did not have any debts under the contract.

Samsung phones with regional locking (if on the box indicated - "European Sim card only" or "American Sim card only") can be unlocked free of charge, if after the purchase you activate them on the territory of their coverage and make a call lasting not less than 5 minutes. But for this you need to open the box and buy an unnecessary SIM card in another country for the sake of a 5-minute call: is not the best way out of the situationt for example, if the phone was planned as a gift.

Why and who needs a lock, it is quite understandable. But how exactly does it work?

Not understanding principles of locking and unlocking, we often hear from customers' the questions  - "Сan the code be temporary?",  "Can I get different codes when ordering through another database?", "Can the code be" pirated "- received dishonestly and can the operator detect it?". To dispel these and other popular misconceptions about codes, let's try to understand what really is the lock of Sim-lock.

Sim-lock -  it is when the phone is locked at the lowest system level. The manufacturer adds in to the phone memory additional information about the country code and the operator code (MCC - Mobile Country Code / MNC-Mobile Network Code) with which it must work. As a result, such a lock can not be "reset" by the usual update of one version to the another. So, if client will chang the firmware, this will not affect the information in the phone about which operators it should work with. Since the information about the operator is stored in the deep memory of the phone. At the time of activation, the phone compares the country and operator data in its memory with information on the Sim card. If the Sim card does not match the specified parameters, the phone will display an error message and require you to enter an unlock code that will allow the device to work with a "non-native" SIM card. The request for code entry may look different, most often it is displayed like this:

  • PIN- код разблокировки сети для SIM-карты
  • SIM Network unlock PIN
  • Enter Network Lock Control Key
  • PIN de desbloqueio da rede SIM

Entering the correct "key"-code is required only once. After the phone has received the unlock code, you can perform with it any manipulations  - update, install various software, reset the settings and it will never be blocked by the mobile provider again.

The main facts about unlock codes and Sim-lock locks:

  1. The possibility of Samsung unlocking is laid by the manufacturer at the time of production of the phone in its OS (operating system).

  2. The unlock code for each device is unique. It is generated at the factory by a 14-digit IMEI to the firmware version of the phone at the time of its release. For this reason, the unlock code for the Samsung can not be "temporary" and can not be changed to any other. As we have already said, the unlock codes are always true and are always the same.

  1. If you change the factory version of the phone's firmware in order to "unlock the device," then you will not unlock it, but only exacerbate the problem. On the "foreign" version of the firmware the code will not be accepted. It's about the same as if you changed the lock in an apartment, and then tried to open it with an old key.

  2. The base of codes for all devices is stored with the manufacturer, as well as with the provider. Whence this code was received - directly from the provider or ordered from the base of the plant - does not matter when unlocking.

Based on these facts, we can determine the most common reasons why the Samsung unlock code is not working.

1. REASON: you changed the firmware or updated to whiter than fresh version / get root, etc.

  • SOLUTION: remove root, try to find and install the native firmware version. Be careful: when you lower the firmware, there is a risk that IMEI can "fly off". If you were able to successfully return the original firmware - do reset to factory settings and enter the codes again. Taking into account that all these manipulations are a serious interference in OS operation, the chances are that after all this the code will be adopted - extremely small.

2. REASON: the installation of a variety applications, games and third-party programs.

  • SOLUTION: remove unnecessary applications, reset to factory defaults and enter the codes again.

3. REASON: change of language.

  • SOLUTION: include the language that was set by default language at the time of purchase, reset to factory defaults and enter the codes again.

4. REASON: there are not enough codes for unlocking Samsung.

In addition to codes that  imply remote unlock by IMEI, you can perform unlocking, using special boxes for unlocking:  Z3X, Octopus, Medusa or Infinity BOX. This is a specialized equipment, which is used by professional masters. If none of the above solutions has helped, then  the problem can be solved only in the service center.

Our permanent council - carefully study the description of the services before you place your order and consult support to choose the right service [support@imei-server.com].

Hopefully this article has been helpful to you.

imei-server.com team

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