X10Unlocker server already resumed it's work.

X10Unlocker server already resumed it's work.

X10Unlocker server running normally.

To date, the only unique solution worldwide.
Judge for yourself in order to unlock your phone from an operator you can act in two ways. The first and most widely known - is to get NCK code. The second is obviously the most practical, is to use the program X10Unlocker.In this case you will need: Phone, native USB cable, PC, the program itself, account for it (name and password). There are two types of accounts - on 10 and 50 compatible devices. You still can purchase an account for one phone, look in "Logs, credits, activation" permanently.

Once you download and install (you need to disable anti-virus or firewall), you may also need to install the device driver (included in the folder with the software: ggsetup-

If all goes well - run the program, enter the account information obtained from www.imei-server.com, press the button "Unlock". A message of this type will apear: "Please attach turned off phone now". Connect your device to your PC, while clamping down the "back" (green).Now we have started carding unlock. If all goes well, you'll see the text "UNLOCK DONE" at the end of the log of the program.

 It's incredibly easy and requires no special skills. You'll spend 5 minutes of time on the entire process.And despite the recent volatility of the server, now we can be completely confident that the program runs stable.

We remind you the list of available models: X10i, X10mini, E10 Mini, E15, X8, U20 Xperia Mini pro, M1 Aspen W100 Spiro.

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    08.02.2013 22:58:58

    Hi, Jigar ..thks 4 Ur usefull post about unlickong usb modem, especially huawei e173.i did according what u wrote in ur post carefully several times. but, what i got (every time i update the firmware) in last process updating firmware this mssg always appear: “The wireless terminal inserted in not Firmware, update wizard can’t work on.”am i failed updating the firmware, what should i do so??!!my usbb modem: Huawei E173Eu-1IMEI: 867767003238678flash code: 62479253UnLocK:39700321Version- Current: Target: again 4 ur kind help n if u dont mind reply 2 my email address, plz.