Z3X BOX Samsung 3G tool new version 12.4

Z3X BOX Samsung 3G tool new version 12.4

New version Z3X BOX Samsung 3G tool 12.4

Main new features in Z3X Samsung 3G tool 12.4 is reflash firmware this phones:

  • I5700, I5700L, I5700R, I5800, I5801, I6500U, B7510, B7510L, I5500, I5500B, I5500L, I5503, I5503T, I5508, I5510, S5570, S5570L, S5578, S5660, S5660L, S5660V, S5670, S5670L, S5830, S5830B, S5830D, S5830L, S5830T, S5838, I7500, I9001, T939

Part of the inner code is optimized
Loaded on a support a very large new firmware to phones and service manuals, currently now total amount of 620 Gb.

Z3X box \ dongle activations

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